Transparent Screen 4K monitor

Transparent Screen 4K monitor

Selling Point:

● Small thickness
● Solid-state mechanism, good seismic performance
● 360° all-round visibility
● Fast response time

  • Optional:
  • Installation: Ceiling, Wall hanging, Floor, Splicing
  • Base type: All-inclusive horizontal screen version, middle wide base version
  • Operating system: Android and windows system
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    Basic Introduction

    With the continuous development of display technology, transparent screens have emerged. Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, transparent screens can bring users unprecedented visual experience and a new experience. Since the transparent screen itself has the characteristics of screen and transparency, it can be applied to many occasions, that is, it can be used as a screen, and can also replace the transparent flat glass. At present, transparent screens are mainly used in exhibitions and product displays. For example, transparent screens are used to replace window glass to display jewelry, mobile phones, watches, handbags, etc. In the future, transparent screens will have a very broad application field, for example, transparent screens can be used in construction. The screen replaces the window glass, and can be used as the glass door of refrigerators, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances in electrical products. The transparent screen enables the audience to see the screen image and also see the items behind the screen through the screen, which enhances the efficiency of information transmission and adds a lot of interest..


    Product name

    Transparent Screen 4K monitor

    Thickness 6.6mm
    Pixel pitch 0.630 mm x 0.630 mm
    Brightness ≥400cb
    Dynamic Contrast 1000001
    Response time 8ms
    Power supply AC100V-240V 50/60Hz

    Product Video

    Exhibition halls, museums, commercial buildings1 (3)
    Exhibition halls, museums, commercial buildings1 (4)
    Exhibition halls, museums, commercial buildings1 (5)

    Product Features

    1. Active light-emitting, no need for backlight, thinner and more power-saving;
    2. The color saturation is high, and the display effect is more realistic;
    3. Strong temperature adaptability, normal work at minus 40℃;
    4. Wide viewing angle, close to 180 degrees without color distortion;
    5. High electromagnetic compatibility protection capability;
    6. Diversified driving methods.
    7.It has the inherent characteristics of OLED, high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, etc.;
    8.The display content can be seen in both directions;
    9. The non-luminous pixels are highly transparent, which can realize virtual reality overlay display;
    10. The driving method is the same as that of ordinary OLED.


    Exhibition halls, museums, commercial buildings

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